Carbon Footprint and Water Usage Calculators

Carbon Neutral Footprint Calculator

Zerofootprint One Minute Calculators enable individuals to get a quick measure of their carbon footprint. After they input basic lifestyle information, the calculator will provide an estimate of a user’s carbon emissions in 60 seconds or less. The One Minute Calculators are available online as an individual product, or can be used in conjunction with Zerofootprint’s Personal Carbon Manager.

One Minute Carbon Footprint Calculator:

One Minute Carbon Footprint Calculator


How much water do we use?

Did you know that the average Canadian’s water usage is 125,000 litres of water per person per year, and the average European’s is 73,000 litres? contains more information and a Personal Carbon Manager that allows you to measure, track and manage your carbon emissions.

Also try the One Minute Water Calculator:

One Minute Water Calculator