Help Hurricane Fiona Victims

Post-tropical storm Fiona made landfall in Atlantic Canada early Saturday morning, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge that washed some buildings into the ocean.


The Hurricane, which could prove to be one of Canada's costliest natural disasters, slammed Eastern Canada forcing evacuations as wind gusts reached up to 170 km per hour (106 miles per hour) and the storm surge swallowed up homes on the coastline.


“Unprecedented” damage to Atlantic Canada will take months to rebuild


It will take several months for Canada to restore critical infrastructure after the powerful storm Fiona. Crews worked throughout Sunday night to restore power and clean up fallen trees and debris across five provinces of the Atlantic region, but more than 240,000 residents are still without electricity.

Just in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador, more than 20 homes were destroyed and more than 200 people need shelter. The cost of damages is in the millions (of dollars).


You can help raise funds for supplies and assistance needed by clicking the RED CROSS button below.

Canadian Red Cross



Our Products

Environmental Guarantee

Leader Frames & Significant Impact is a proud leader in the FRAMING Industry. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our products are ethically produced and environmentally friendly. We only work with suppliers that have in place recognized environmental guidelines, ensuring that they meet or exceed municipal and provincial requirements for environmentally friendly products and ethical labour standards.

Wood Frame Products

All our wood frames sold are guaranteed in writing to be environmentally friendly, to the Qualifor Association standard, where the wood is a farmed product, not from a clear cut rain forest and must have at least 4 trees planted for every one harvested.

Finishes are the finest in the Industry and are lead and toxin free.

Metal Frame Products

All of our metal is extruded and anodized at Canadian plants that are governed by strict municipal and provincial guidelines, to ensure the processing safety of their employees, our customers and the environment.

All of our scrap metal is 100% recycled. None of our painted finishes contain lead or any other toxic materials.

Our Frame Covers


All our frames come with a special lightweight and super thin acrylic (or Plexiglass) facing, superior to standard glass, and is enhanced with a UV coating to help prevent discolouration of inserted artwork, diplomas or certificates from sunlight. There are many advantages to using this product over glass; it is much lighter in weight than glass, which reduces cost in shipping and makes the frame easier to hang. It has a much higher impact/shatter resistance. A better transparency than glass (glass reflects more light than Plexiglass so it causing a great deal of reflection and glare) and it is much safer than glass due to its much lower breakage factor; no sharp broken shards that can cut you or damage your mat board and documents. These advantages have dramatically reduced returns due to damages during delivery.

Our Custom Minted Medallions

For many of our corporate accounts and institutions that we work with, we have created high quality and custom minted medallions in various finishes:

Materials: Brass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel Silver, Sterling Silver, 24K Gold

Finishes:- Antiqued - Polished

These medallions can bear the official crest, seal or logo of an institution, or be engraved with a name, cast with any text or design that will enhance any framed sales or recognition award or diploma.

We have a longstanding relationship with this supplier that has been manufacturing these custom products for over 80 years in Canada, and can also produce custom lapel pins, rings or badges for any ocasion.