Security Policy

Leader Manufacturing collects and temporarily stores credit card and personal information using a highly secure technique based on SSL.

Credit Card Information Security and access by Employees
Credit card information where possible is encrypted and only kept on our server for a maximum of 7 days so that we can process your order. Once your order is received, only authorized personnel can access this information by secure password protected entry to our server to extract the credit card information which is then processed by manual key entry on our electronic Point of Sale (POS) devices in our head office. This transaction information is stored only on hardcopy files securely filed in cabinets located in a locked area. Only a small number of employees involved in the management of the data have physical access to these files. State-of-the-art firewalls and other security technology are in place to prevent our computers, servers and network from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Leader Manufacturing recognizes the importance of protecting personal and credit card information from online purchases and is committed to follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Leader Manufacturing is constantly trying to improve its services and products and will be introducing a new and extremely secure online payment gateway allowing real-time payment processing in the very near future. This means that after this, we will no longer store any credit card information on our server and transactions will be completed immediately. For further questions on this subject please feel free to contact us.